Welcome to 3D BioCAD Institute

Over the years, we have received thousands of calls with questions about how to properly use CAD/CAM systems to effectively optimize the restorative process. Although our friendly support staff is always ready and willing to answer these questions, it can prove difficult to learn without a visual aid at hand. This task coupled with the fact that technology is developing at break-neck speeds can lead us to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information required to operate such systems smoothly. Living and competiting in such a rapidly changing environment of updates the advancements can be a freightening experience.

This is exactly why we have painstakingly designed 3DBioCAD Institute to be your educational portal into the world of Computer Automated Design/Computer Automated Machining. We have comitted ourselves to be with you every step of the way through your transition into digital dentistry. Whether you have just bought your first scanner or have been using CAD/CAM systems since their inception into the market, 3DBioCAD Institute contains the resources you can utilize to help propel your business into the future. Digital dentistry is an exciting field which we believe can open up a vast amount of possiblities for expansion. The best part? It’s just getting started!

The 3DBioCAD Support Team